Leaks Fear Us. Homeowners Love Us. Great Plumbers.

Picture this: clogged sink. The dishes are piling up. You're stuck under the sink trying to make sense of the mess. It's no fun. Suddenly you remember—Armitage Plumbing & Heating can handle this. We're here for you! Our team of professionals is always on call to offer residential plumbing services. From tap repair to sewer repair, we know how to do it and we’re ready to go.

Our Services

Nobody likes a cold shower. That’s why we offer hot water heater repair. Gas boiler repair? Yes, of course, we do that. We’ve never met a plumbing issue we can’t handle. Burst pipe repair? Check. We know our way around tankless water heaters and heating repair as well. We are also proud of our HVAC team who undergo constant training to stay with the times! We offer a full suite of plumbing services to our community—call us up and let’s talk leaks.